Hi! Nice to meet you. Please see below our small yet very powerful team. We are looking forward meeting you in person :)

Reinis Rudzitis

  • Saddler, fitting and reflocking training done in United Kingdom (Cumbria School of Saddlery by David May)
  • Kieffer factory training

Can help with:

  • saddle tests
  • horse back measures
  • photo session with your horse
  • other questions regarding saddles

+371 29508382 (RU, ENG)

Zane Apina

  • Masterson Method Certified Practicioner,
  • EEBW - Equinology Equine Body Worker,
  • Private learning course with equine rehabilitation specialist Lee Hollen (Sweden)
  • Fascial manipulation course with Tuulia Luomala un Mika Philman (Finland).
  • Chiropractic techniques with Caroline Lindsay

Can help with:

  • evaluate if the horse's back is in appropriate health state for measuring saddle
  • help your horse improving general movement and balance

+371 29116849 (ENG)

Mare Petersone

  • University of Latvia,  International business management bachelor degree, in process professional MBA at Riga Business School
  • Owner of zirgam.lv - largest equine educational article database in Latvia and veikalszirgam.lv – largest online shop in Latvia.

Can help with:

  • questions regarding saddle models, ordering and prices
  • warranty questions, offers for EU projects

+371 26714934 (ENG)